McNeill Land Surveying LLC Serving southeastern Pennsylvania since 2000
McNeill Land Surveying LLCServing southeastern Pennsylvania since 2000

McNeill Land Surveying has served clients in Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Lehigh County and Montgomery County in addition to the City of Philadelphia. 

Survey Options

  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey
    ALTA represents the all encompassing survey. Every detail affecting property use can be covered, including such items as utilities, sidewalks, paths, open space, encumbrances and more when Table A items are selected. Mostly used for commercial and industrial properties.
  • As-Built Survey
    Utility As-built Location Surveys, Foundation Surveys, Final construction as-built information.
  • Boundary Survey
    Residential, commercial, industrial or vacant land surveys to locate the property lines and corners. This is a typical property boundary survey, useful for placing a fence around your property, landscaping, or to remove a tree.
  • Flood Elevation Certificate
    Our experience includes completing FEMA elevation certificates in addition to submitting pertinent information online for Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) review and determination.
  • Subdivision – 2 lot
    The minor subdivision process can be daunting, with a large amount of paperwork and regulations. At McNeill Land Surveying, LLC, we have the process well in hand. We will communicate with planning departments to make certain your subdivision plan complies with all applicable rules. If necessary, we will attend any meetings with you, to make certain things proceed smoothly.
  • Construction Stakeout
    Site Layout, Building Layout, Grade Staking, Slope Staking to your specifications on your timeline.
  • Topographical Survey
    Using orthometric aerial photographs and referencing U.S. Geological survey topographic maps, along with traditional “boots on the ground” survey analysis, we can quickly prepare topographical surveys at a reasonable price. Site Topographic Surveys, Wetlands Location and Aerial Topographic Surveys.

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